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Q1 2015 Updates

New research released across data platforms:
  • 100 drugs added
  • ✔ 191 plans added
  • ✔ 16 indications added
    with detailed restrictions

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The Gold Standard for Formulary Data

Fingertip Formulary® maintains the highest quality and most comprehensive integrated database of formulary information in the United States, covering virtually all commercial, Medicare, Medicaid and PBM plans. Our services allow pharmaceutical executives, including brand teams, and sales professionals to leverage managed care formulary information as a significant and competitive advantage.  Learn more.

Formulary Lookup Tool

Fingertip Formulary® is a simple-to-use tool that allows you to determine formulary drug status for health plans in your area.

We offer formulary information on the most commonly prescribed drugs. Simply select a drug and health plan and formulary results will be displayed.

Formulary Lookup

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